We are so alone.

I will be posting more Islamic content for the new Muslims and reverts who read my blog. Some people believe we are being watched by aliens. Some actually claim to have seen these aliens but that’s for another day! Believers know that Allah is ‘there’ for them. Somewhere there but do they know to what … More We are so alone.

Broken Relationships

They say man makes plans and God laughs (astagfirullah). So you loved him, for many years. He was your life. You were his everything. You lived for him. Nobody was more important in your life than he was. Nobody. You planned to always be together. You had dreams of spending your lives together, you made … More Broken Relationships

Islam was practised in Africa long before it was practised in the Middle East.

Originally posted on The World According To Deka's Daughter:
Stories that History Chose to Forgot. I call this the stories that history chose to forget.  For indeed there is so much of our rich history that has been omitted from the history books. Do you know that there were Muslims in the Horn region…