Ramadan Kareem, Ramadan Mubarak

Something magical is happening this Ramadan.  It’s 30 degrees of sweltering heat outside but I feel neither hungry nor thirsty. This is not like me.

On a normal day, I would be starving by this time. I would be grumpy, suffering from caffeine withdrawal and certainly not in a good mood.  If I ignore my hunger, which I have done once or twice in the past to my detriment, I get a massive headache. I soon learned not to ignore my hunger pangs and eat when I’m hungry!  Something has happened.  I don’t know how to describe it other than to say both my body and mine are calm. The spirit of Ramadan surrounds me and posses me.

I am Loving Ramadan. I love the sense of community it brings. Two billion people all over the world from every continent and every race. United during Ramadan. Foregoing food, drink and sin. All fasting for the sake of Allah SWT. No other religion has a festival as unique and uniting Ramadan.  It’s a time of peace. A time of love for our fellow human beings. A time to remember the poor and needy. A time to share.

Ramadan is when the Glorious Quran was revealed to Nabi Muhammad SAW. With the words IQRA (Read)

Interesting thing about Ramadan is that non Muslims are now also fasting. Not for a religious reason but for health purposes and weight maintenance. My colleague a non Muslim is one of them. She said she wants to feel the Ramadan experience. She is an atheist.

When non Muslim friends look at me sympathetically or look baffled at how I am bearing up without a drink of water in this heat. I just smile and assure them that I’m fine and I mean it. May Allah SWT reward each and everyone of us during this holy month.

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