A Cat called Summer


A cat called Summer

This is Summer. She is a Tabby or a girl cat. Summer is warm, affectionate and the most  talkative cat. Very talkative! She also likes to stay home curled up on the sofa.

Summer has different miaows for the different words she wants to say.  When she is concerned about something her miaows  will end with a question mark.  Other times it is just dismissive. Like the time when we went away on holiday and came back, every miao sounded like a question?  It was as if she was accusing us of going away and leaving her with a cat sitter! When she is happy her Miao is soft and short. Yet Other are longer and drawn out.

Just like any other female of the species she has moods. There are days she will ignore me no matter how much I call. If she is sitting on my lap (picked up and carried against her will) she will turn her back to me and face the opposite direction! it’s funny being ignored by a cat whilst still sitting on my lap!

She is attuned to people’s emotions. She hates seeing anyone sad or crying. She will immediately cuddle up and sit close as she can to you trying to reassure you. She won’t leave you until you feel better.

Once I was in bed stressed about nothing I care to remember. Summer cuddled up and sat on my chest and tucked her paws underneath. She sat so close to me I could feel her breath on my face. She stayed that way until I had calmed down.

Summer lives in a house with 3  large Tom cats yet it’s clear that she is the boss of the house. So bossy that we actually have a nickname for her.   Missy. She communicates and relates differently with each of the Toms.  With Tigger the ginger cat, she treats him like a father figure or a much loved older brother.  She showers him with affection.  She runs to meet him the minute he walks through the door, wraps her tail around him and Nudges her head into him.

With Toby, the black cat with the shinny mink fur, she has a love/ hate relationship.  He is her play mate and best friend. She follows him everywhere. Sometimes She flirts with him. Once we lost Toby for a couple of days. Silly cat got into the neighbours van and found himself locked in whilst the neighbour went away on holiday. Luckily it was for a few days. Needless to say we were worried sick for days.  Someone who was more worried than us was Summer.  She was so lonely and forlone.  She had the saddest look in her eyes until Toby was found.

Some days she stands by the door, blocks the cat flap and refuses to let him in the house. sometimes she hisses at him and gives him a short sharp slap with her paw. Toby of course also wacks her back when he has had enough!

Then there is Jack. Jack is a large, fluffy beautiful but dim witted pedigree with huge green eyes. He is Summer’s half brother, half Persian half American maincoon but you would never know they were related by looking at him. They share a father but look nothing alike.

Summer doesn’t spend any time with Jack. She doesn’t ignore him but she is not affection with him nor does she play with him. She doesn’t cuddle up to him like she does with the other boys. Nor does she flirt with him.

While the boys are out all night and all day, Hunting and doing what boys do, Summer stays at home.

The only time she ventures out is when the front or back door is open. She will stand outside for a while. Even then she doesn’t go far and comes back a few minutes later. I sometimes wonder if as females we humans and cats are programmed to stay at home. By nature. Like the homing pigeons whether home is where we always want to be.

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