The Muslim Women is oppressed

‘When a Muslim girl is born, she becomes a reason for her father to enter Paradise’.

‘When she grows up and gets married, she completes her husband’s Deen’ i.e without a wife no matter how religious a man is, his faith is incomplete.

‘When she is a mother, Heaven is at her feet’.

This is Islam. The re-current word here is the girl or female as she goes through the difference phases of her life.  Notice how according to Islam, at every stage, the female is a blessing from the Almighty to mankind.

She is a blessing to her father as an infant, to her husband as a mature woman and to her (sons) children in her later years.

Notice also how a male child, at least Islamically is not seen as a blessing much in the same way as a female child.

As humans we are programmed to favour sons. There is much rejoicing once a son is born into a family.  The majority of people both male and female long for a male child and heir. The real reason inherently being the carrying on of the family name and keeping the lineage. Without a son, the family ‘name’ will disappear.

Wanting a son rather than a daughter is not just for some cultures and not others.  It is steeped into all of us  whatever our race and creed if we are honest.

Of course in some cultures a son is seen as a way out of poverty, someone who will be a provider, physically strong to help out in the farm and to look after the parents when they reach their dotage.  A man marries while a woman ‘gets married’.

Affluent Western cultures have similar longing for sons.  Think back of King Henry V111 who married and divorced eight wives in his quest for a son and heir. Or in movies where a man lights up a cigar when he finds out his wife has had a boy.

Burying baby girls alive was prelevant in pagan Arabia before the advent of Islam.  During the time of the Prophet (SAW) girls were not only buried alive at birth, they were a commodity. Women could be bought and sold in the open market. Not much different from slavery. In the event of the death of the father or guardian,  women could be inherited along with sheep, camels and trinkets. With the coming of Islam, things changed for the better.  The girl was no longer seen as a burden but a blessing.  Women were no longer a commodity. They came from being inherited to inheriting property. They could work.  Abortion and burying baby girls was a thing of the past. The Quran goes into detail about the severe punishment awaiting those who bury/abort a female fetus.  Islam forbade the burying of baby girls centuries ago.

In China and India, infant girls are regularly thrown down the sewer or abandoned by the dump sites by desperate parents longing for a son.  Those are the lucky ones. They may be found in the dumpster by a Good Samaritan and taken to a charity where if they are lucky, they will be given up for adoption. In a one child policy, the families would prefer to abort the girl and try for a boy. Repeatedly. Today the majority of abandoned baby girls up for adoption are Chinese.  In both China and India pregnancies are terminated as soon as the sex of the child is revealed as female. In some hospitals in the U.K Indian and Chinese mothers are denied scans which predicts the sex of the unborn child for fear of abortion.

I can think of many Muslim countries some wealthy and some poor  yet I honestly can’t  think of a single one which has the same problem with abortion or abandonment  of baby girls.  Yet the Western media continues to portray islam especially women in a negative light.

Without the faintest knowledge of Islam, the papers are full of doom and gloom regarding the right of Muslim women. Everywhere you go you will hear the fallacy that Muslim women are treated as second class citizens. That they are inferior to men. That they are oppressed. That Islam oppresses women.  Even the former French president Nicholas Sarkozy waded in claiming Muslim women are oppressed and that they wear the hijab against their will. He even went so far as being insulting saying that ‘they looked like walking coffins’.

Sarkozy a French Jew obviously knows nothing about Muslim women. My guess is that he has not taken the time to sit and talk with a Muslim woman in a hijab. Had he done that, he would have found the Muslim woman (Muslima) exceptionally clean, fragrant, beautiful and intelligent. He would have found that she wears the hijab not because someone told her or forced her to but because She wants to! It is her choice.

Far from being like a coffin, she is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Without restricting clothing she glides serenely like an angel in anonymity amongst a sea of cleavage baring and bum flashing. Unlike Sarkozy’s wife, the Muslima doesn’t care about being seen as sexy.

She doesn’t need to bargain with her body to get ahead in life. She won’t get a boob job and then complain that men only talk to her breasts. The Muslima won’t wear a mini skirt. She won’t flaunt her ‘assets’ at an interview to impress men.  Take out the sex and the objectification of women out of the equation and you are two humans.  The Muslima will use her brain and meet men on an equal footing. No Starvation diet or boot camp for her, she eats well and says Alhamdullilah. She fasts during Ramadan.

The media don’t blame abortion on Christianity.  They don’t blame Budhism or Hinduism for the daily murder and abandonment of baby girls.   No one claims that these women are oppressed by (their beliefs) or faith.  It is only Muslims who are blamed enmass.

If you are a Muslim woman, reading this, then you were a blessing to your parents from the day you were born. You are a blessing to your husband or future husband if you are unmarried and when you reach infirm old age,  Heaven itself will be at your feet! Rejoice for you are a Muslim! Your faith demands that you are not a piece of meat. That you are respected, that you are treated as an equal. Which other religion holds women in such high esteem apart from Islam?


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