The Oppressed Muslim Women

The World according to Deka's daughter

When a Muslim girl is born, she becomes a reason for her father to enter Paradise.

When she grows up and gets married, she completes her husband’s Deen i.e without a wife no matter how religious a man is, his faith is incomplete.

When she is a mother, Heaven is at her feet.

The recurrent word here is the girl or female as she goes through the difference phases of her life.  Notice how according to Islam, at every stage, she is a blessing from the Almighty to mankind.

She is a blessing to her father as an infant, to her husband as a mature woman, to her (sons) children in her later years.

Notice also how a boy child at least religiously is not seen as a blessing much in the same way as a girl child.

Sure as humans we like sons. There is much rejoicing once a…

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