Al Shabab in Somalia

Ist November 2015.shabaab_military_Parade

The dreaded Al Qaeda affiliate, Al Shabab has once again struck fear in the heart of the Somali people.  They have yet again bombed a popular hotel frequented by government officials in Mogadishu in the early hours of this morning. About 250 people including hotel guests, hotel workers and innocent by-standers have been killed or wounded by these trigger happy killers.

This is not a one off incident.  This is a very normal daily occurrance in Mogadish and has been going on for years.

No one understands what Al Shabab’s agenda is or why they are hell bent on causing mayhem in their own country.

The Word Al Shabab is an Arabic word for the Youth. Yet no-one know who the ‘youth’ are or what their motive is other than shedding blood and causing carnage on the streets of Mogadishu.

Al Shabab call themselves Muslims yet the brand of Islam they practice is very different from Islam as we know it.  They are rebels without a cause or clue!

No-one knows who their enemies are. Even Al Shabab don’t know who their enemies are if they do indeed have enemies!

Al Shabab calmly walk into Mosques and kill the Imam and Worshippers in cold blood. Muslims? They indiscrimately kill fellow Muslims men, women and children.  They even shoot  women for wearing bras. ‘If your breasts are meant to sag, then let them sag’!  Their explanation is ridiculous and would almost be laughable if it wasn’t sad.

They kill Aid Workers.  They kill Actors for acting and Musicians for singing.  Not very long ago, they murdered a popular Somali comedy actor by the name of Mishale.  They also murdered the  talented legend that was Ms Saatho Ali for no apparent reason on the streets of Mogadishu.

The Al Shabab are not Freedom Fighters for their country is already free.  They are not  liberators of Islam.  They are not the voice of Islam.  The reason I say that is because they know nothing about Islam.  I can go so far as to asert that not one single member of the Al Shabab speaks Arabic and therefore understands the Holy Quran in its entirety. If they did, they would know that ‘thou shall not shed blood …any blood… inside a Mosque’.

So if they are not Freedom fighters or Liberators of Islam, who are the Al Shabab?  I would say they are nothing but Gangsters. Mafia gone wrong.  Groups of disenfrenchised  young boys, brought up in war torn Somalia. Being witness to murder on their streets they know no better than to pick up guns themselves and repeat the scenes of horror they witnessed as children.

They have no formal education.  They are unable or unwilling to go to school, have no jobs, careers or any form of parental control.   They have no future prospects and nothing  to look forward to in life. Fearless, desperate and high on chaat and testostrone, these young men run amok.

The gun is king and he who is in possession of one, reigns supreme in  ‘his’ area of Mogadish.  This reign including ironing out imaginery problems like hunting down innocent people not adhering to Shariah Law (not the real Sharia Law but Al Shabab’s idea of Sharia Law) and putting a gun to their heads and pulling the trigger.

The Holy Quran says there is no compulsion in religion, but of course Al Shabab don’t know that because they haven’t read the Quran. So day in and day out  the population of Somalia is being decreased by its own Youth or Al Shabab.  A sorry state of affairs.

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