Jumu’ah Kareem! Happy Friday

Let me start by wishing you a Jumu’ah kareem or  Happy Friday!

Today is Friday. A very special day if you are Muslim.  A holy day in Islam where you will go to the mosque or prepare a special meal for your family and loved ones.

The world was created on a Friday. It will end on a Friday but you already know that right?

So what do I do to mark this holiest of days? Well, not very much unfortunately but I do have a ritual l carry out which dates back to my childhood.

I will clean my house, change the bedsheets and light some (luban/fooh).  I will recite Surah Kahf or I put Surah Kahf on You Tube while I get on with the house work.

Reciting Surah Kahf on a Friday is so important and has countless benefits. When l have time l will make a special meal.

When I was kid, my mother used to clean the house by Thursday. So on Friday, she would have as little housework as possible. A bit like the Jews and the sabbath but not quiet.

She would light fooh/ luban. The Shaytan/Satan does not like fooh/luban and is bothered by it and any nice scent and fragrance in the premise will repel Satan from the home. Not only does the luban repel satan, it attracts Angels to your home. It is said Angels like cleanliness.

My mother always observed Friday as a special day.  She still does.  When l was a kid, she would invite a sheik from the local mosque.  He would would come in around mid morning, sit in the spotlessly clean living room and recite the Quran.  He would then be given lunch, mum always made special food on a Friday, and a nice pot of afternoon tea before he left.

For us kids there was an extra treat. Every Friday after school, my mother would make homemade pop corns with added raisins/Sultanas or dates and warm sweet milk for us.

To the sweet milk mum would add whole coffee beans. I still don’t know the significance of the coffee beans but they floated on top of the milk, black and round and looked lovely in contrast with the white frothy  milk. We were too young to drink coffee so we didn’t and the coffee beans were not ground so they didn’t add caffeine just flavour.  All you got was sweet milk with a hint of coffee. We didn’t eat the coffee beans either so it must have been added for presentation.

I loved Fridays. Not only because it meant the school week was over and the weekend had started but through my childhood eyes, there was nothing tastier or prettier than a big mug of frothy white milk with little floating coffee beans.

To this day, my mother still carries out this family ritual every Thursday/Friday. Even though we have all grown up and moved out.

I have travelled the world and my palates has become somewhat more sophisticated. I have been exposed to the culinary delights the world has to offer but when I visit Deka which I often do, I still know when Friday has arrived by the fragrant smell of the luban wafting through the house and the dulce tones of the Sheikh reciting the Quran.  This always takes me right back to my childhood.

We may all be grown up but nothing has changed from those exciting Fridays. We still eat home-made pop corn with dates, moms house is spotless , a Sheikh still comes to recite Surah Kahf although I now know that he is paid to do this! How things have changed. The only thing that has changed is that the sweet milk has been substituted for tea (without sugar).

Whatever your family rituals, whether you mark Fridays as a special occasion or not, have a good Friday and don’t forget to read Surah Kahf.  Happy Friday! 😀



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