Miss Somalia, Miss Africa?



Looking at the photos of the beauty queen with her fine facial features, straight hair, golden tan and lithe limbed beauty, I immediately assumed she might be Ms South America.

South Americans are famous for entering and winning beauty contests. Miss World and Miss Whatever competitions they are in.

I then saw the sash prouudly draped across her slim body, which said Miss Somalia, winner ‘Miss Africa.’

Miss Africa! This girl is not African. Not technically. If this girl is African then the Queen of England is Chinese!

I looked at the photos of the other contestants and there is no doubting their ethnicity. They are African and have entered the right competition! Not this girl however.

I scrolled down only to learn that the girl, Jawahir Ahmed is Somalian and was the Miss Somalia entrant before winning the title of Miss Africa in Utah. Jawahir Ahmed is stunningly beautiful and deserves to win a beauty queen title however, I don’t think that title should be Miss Africa.

If you have ever lived in or travelled to Africa, you will know what I mean. Africans do not look like Miss Ahmed. I’m not saying Somalia is not in Africa. It is. So is Libya, Mauritius and Cameroon. What I am saying, is that there should have been a separate category in the contest for girls from Northern/Horn of Africa. These people may be geographically African, but most of them have ‘Other’ DNA .

The Somalians both man and women have naturally straight or soft curly hair. (Not always visible as many of the women) are veiled. Somali village children can often be seen with soft brown hair. There is no where else in Africa (except perhaps the Arab North) where you will find Africans with (natural) straight hair or soft curly hair. Fact.

The same with their facial features. I’m not taking about who is more beautiful or not as beauty is relative and as the old adage goes is in the eye of the beholder. I’m taking about genes and genetics.

In South Africa during the evil apartheid regime ‘the pencil test’ was carried out to determine race and segregate people. A pencil was stuck in your natural hair if it stayed in you were black/African. Chemically relaxed hair/weaves/wig was/ is also ‘Black’. The operative word is natural.

I recently attended a large international beauty and fashion show where the African models were categorised and announced according to regions in Africa. For the Somalian girls & guys, they were introduced as ‘Asiatic Africa’ which I thought was more fitting.

Jawahir Ahmed is proud to wear her crown and represent Africa and good for her. However, I think she should not have entered a Miss Africa contest. At least not one without clear categories. She is not a representative of how a true African looks. We all know that Africans do not look like her. Furthermore it is not fair on the other African contestants.

As for Jawahir Ahmed, she is beautiful and will no doubt win many more beauty crowns in her life time. She should perhaps try for Miss Asiatic Africa or Miss Middle East next time.

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