Are you sad over a breakup?

When you accept the things that didn’t work out, you find that they prepared you for the things that did work. Allah be praised!

Unless you married your first love at sixteen, you will have loved and lost someone like the rest of us. Whether it was unrequited teenage love from afar, or someone you loved, were engaged to or even married to.

Breaking up is part of growing up. It’s part of being an adult. It hurts, it really sucks but it’s life. You don’t want anyone else and you don’t want him the guy you love or loved to be with someone else! The harsh truth is that you can’t control someone else’s feelings. You can’t force someone to love you.

Don’t be sad over a relationship that didn’t work out. It may not seem like it now, but there will come a time when you will be glad it ended. Trust me. What is meant for you will come to you and what isn’t won’t. If he is meant to be yours he will return and your paths will cross. If he wasn’t meant for you, the one who is will come. One day.

I once said to a Somalian guy friend of mine, whom l have known since we were kids, when he enquired about a relationship l was in, that it hadn’t worked out. I mention the fact that he is Somalian because everyone knows Somali guys are not very sentimental! I will always remember what he said and l would like to share it with you…

He looked me straight in the eye and said “So you missed a bus, don’t worry a limousine is on it’s way to pick you up”.

Sure enough a “limousine” did come to pick me up! It didn’t happen a week or a month later, but it did happen. I met someone nicer in every possible way than the one l had broken up with.

So if your relationship has ended and you are feeling sad and lonely, don’t be. Close the book and end the chapter.

Give love, and you have a lot of love to give. Give it to the most important person in your life. You. From now on, love yourself, be kind to yourself, take care of yourself. If you don’t love you no one else will. Above all have hope and know that the person who will be your everything is out there and will in sha Allah enter your life without much effort on your part.

It is called a relationship for a reason. It takes you from one relation to a ship, that takes you from one island to the next. So let this ship sail away…and wait for the next.

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