Somali Hall of Shame

This is Ayaan Hirsi Ali or Shaytaana as I like to call her.

Why is she on my Hall of Shame? Please read on…

Ayaan is a very rare breed. She is bold, intelligent, articulate and educated.

A woman so intelligent, she learned fluent Dutch (not the easiest of languages) in no time at all and went into politics before ending up as the first ever Somalian woman elected as a Netherlands Member of Parliament.

She rose from humble beginnings in Mogadishu, Somalia, crossing the border into neighbouring Kenya with her family to escape the war. She lived in Kenya, where she went to school, supported by the UNHCR and learned English and no doubt Swahili.

Not content with living in Kenya, Ayan had higher ambitions and wanted to go and live in Canada. There was one small problem, she couldn’t afford the ticket. This being ambitious Ayaan, she wasn’t prepared to let something as small as money get in her way. She soon found a meal ticket. A way out without having to pay for her ticket. she got ‘married’ to a man from her qabeel/clan who happened to have a Canadian passport.

After the wedding, Ayaan’s new husband immediately arranged for his bride to go with him to Canada. He provided the supporting documents to the authorities, gave her spending money, paid for her visa and ticket via Amsterdam as Ayaan wanted to stay with relatives before she started her new married life in Canada.

As soon she she saw the glitzy lights of Amsterdam, Ayaan was hooked. She changed her mind. She didn’t want to go to Canada anymore. She wanted to stay. Never mind she now had a husband who had paid a small fortune to get her to Amsterdam and was waiting for her in Canada.

That is how ruthless Ayaan is. She uses whatever and whomever she can to further her ambitions. She soon mastered Dutch, went to University and became a prominent member of Parliament. Now that she was a member of Parliament, she had one last thing to get rid of. Islam. She didn’t want Islam to cramp her new westernized style. So she gave up her religion/deen and became an atheist. Subhanallah.

That is fine you may say..many give up their religion and become atheists.. but that wasn’t all. She started insulting Islam, often portraying her very limited knowledge of Islam at every opportunity and to this day, continues to be the biggest critic of Islam and our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

Every Somalian person I have met is ashamed of Shaytaana. In fact no one mentions her.. in the hope that she will go away and crawl under a stone. Yet time and time again she rears her ugly head to insult Islam. Shaytaana therefore needs to be on my Somali Hall of Shame.

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