Think Positive thoughts

There is a lot to be said for positive thinking.

If you think bad thoughts you become bad yourself.
If you think good thoughts you become good.  Always try to think good  thoughts.  No matter what…images7XP3TD07 

Life is good, sure there may be obstacles in our way and we may have to jump huddles from time to time.

Sometimes we encounter major huddles but on the whole, life is simple and uncomplicated.

Always look for the best in everything you do and everything you see.  Be YOUR best.  Give your best.

Nothing is horrible and ugly. Nobody is horrible and ugly.  Event the people you hate. Some people have horrible and ugly characters but they are not horrible or ugly. It’s just their character (which of course is learned).  No child is born horrible.  

Everyone of us is a creature of the Almighty Allah SWT and HE makes no mistakes in creating us. 

‘You are beautiful’. ‘Yes you!’  ‘You are lovely’.  

There may be someone who looks like you, but she/he is not you.  There is nobody else in this whole world who is like you!  Now think of that for a minute.  NOBODY ELSE IS LIKE YOU.  THERE IS ONLY ONE YOU.  Allah SWT only created one of you in this entire universe! How awesome is that?

When was the last time you gave yourself a pep talk? Don’t wait for someone else to tell you your self-worth.  Don’t wait for your friends, family or spouse to tell you that are beautiful.  Tell yourself!  Be your own best friend. Make friends with yourself. 

Look in the mirror in the mornings and tell yourself how lovely, kind and clever you are.  Think only positive thoughts.  

Think positive thoughts about your friends and family.  When a negative thought enters your mind, send it away… like the shaytaan because that is what it is.  The shaytaan is whispering in your ear and telling you negative things about yourself and others.  

The voice of shaytaan tells you how so and so hates you and what he or she said about you.  Don’t worry about what someone says about you- it’s not your problem, it’s theirs.  People are entitled to their opinions. Respect that.  It doesn’t mean you agree with them. Just respect that, because that is how they feel.  Most people who gossip about others are jealous of them anyway!  

In fact it’s a good thing if people gossip about you, because Islamically, they are taking your sins away!  They are collecting your sins one by one, putting them all in  big bags and placing them on their shoulders! It’s true!! So let them talk. Let them gossip.  So what?!

Whenever a bad thought enters my mind, I immediately  send it away by saying .. Authoobilahi mina shaytaani rajeem.  ‘I seek refuge from Allah from the accursed satan who whispers evil thoughts in my mind’.  I then continue to look in the mirror and tell myself how beautiful and kind I am!

If the negative thought comes back again, I send it away by repeating the same thing again and again until if finally goes away. 

If the thought in my head tells me my friend Muna is a bad friend.  I argue and repeat that she is good. If  the negative thought in my mind t insists that she is bad,  which it often does, I start .. authoobilahi.

That is what they mean by fix your heart/mind/tongue and that will in turn fix your life and your Akhirah. 

Always think good positive thoughts.


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