Hijab why bother?

    The top pictures are what I call jilboobies! and Jilbooties! Instead of wearing the Jilbab to hide their beauty, these girls choose to flaunt it.. Islamic style!! Boobs and Booties are put on display for all and sundry to see while trying oh, so hard to be a good Muslima! Sometimes girls make … More Hijab why bother?

Somali Writers

  Somalia is known as the Land of the Poets.  We have more Poets and Writers than you can shake a stick at! I know I have left out many worthy Somalian Writers but I just wanted to give a sampler of authors currently on the international circuit. I also wanted Writers who write in … More Somali Writers

The Chosen People

  I know the Jews have often called themselves the chosen ones but there is a different and fresh approach to who the chosen ones really are! YOU are the chosen one. Did you know that? Who chose you?!  None other than ALLAH SWT!! Of all the billions and trillions of people that Allah SWT has ever created, … More The Chosen People