The Chosen People



I know the Jews have often called themselves the chosen ones but there is a different and fresh approach to who the chosen ones really are!

YOU are the chosen one. Did you know that?

Who chose you?!  None other than ALLAH SWT!!

Of all the billions and trillions of people that Allah SWT has ever created, HE has chosen YOU to be a Muslim!.  Yes YOU who is reading this.  Think about that for a minute.

As far as favours go that is a MASSIVE favour!

You have been chosen by the  Lord of the Seven Heavens and the Earth.

Lord of the Mighty Throne.  Lord of the Supreme Arsh.

Allah SWT wants to see  you sitting besides HIM. How awesome is that?!

HE could have made you an Atheist, a Kafir.  HE could have made you a pagan idol worshiper.

HE could have made you ignorant and faithless ….like a ship without a Captain sailing in choppy waters with no clear direction and no idea where you are going.

HE could have watched you high up from his Mighty Throne,  seeing you make grave mistakes and committing sin upon sin and finally punished you severely for committing those sins.

HE could have given you no guidance and thrown you in Hell fire where you would neither live nor die but burn to charcoal ash repeatedly for all eternity.

BUT Allah SWT in HIS wisdom has decided to SAVE YOU. YES YOU!!  Take another minute to think about that and give me an ‘Ameen! ‘ 

He has decided that HE wants YOU (insert your name) to live in Jannah with HIM! To see HIM, beside HIM every single day. SubhanAllah.  What an honour.

HE has made endless promises and done everything to make YOU want to be with HIM as much as HE wants to be with you.   Are you hearing HIM?! Are you listening to HIM? Do you want to be with HIM as much as HE wants to be with you?

Here is a very small snippet of some of HIS favours and promises to you.

  • Amazing life. HE  promises YOU that the abode of the next life will be better than this one.
  • No more Hunger/Thirsty or Poverty. HE promises you the finest food no man has ever tasted.  When you have eaten to your hearts content and are satiated, HE promises rivers of milk and rivers of the finest wine to quench your thirst.
  • Oh You Beauty/ Handsome. HE promises you beauty. You will be gorgeous with the glow of light (noor) on your face and body.  You will decide your height, weight and body shape, biceps, triceps or even six pack without any effort! If you don’t like something you can change it!  They don’t call it Paradise for nothing!
  • Best Dressed List.  He promises you garments of the finest green silk to wear and exquisite jewelry and bracelets.
  • Love and Respect. Extraordinary beautiful angelic companions of similar age  both male and female with good temperament (no more nagging wife or husband!) will entertain, keep you company and fulfill your every desire. No one will be old in Paradise so your companions will also be young.
  • Every wished you could live like a King/Queen? HE promises you HUGE mansions to live in as far as the eyes can see with gardens underneath which rivers flow.
  • A Constant state of Nirvana? HE promises you that you will know no sorry, sadness.or misery. Only NEVER ENDING happiness and bliss.

How lucky are YOU?  HE has  chosen YOU instead of others to have all this and much, much  more!

Long before you were born HE bestowed this favour on you.

HE chose Islam for you. HE said I want her/him next to me. Isn’t this enough for you to thank HIM? Enough for you to fall on your knees and prostrate in prayer and gratitude?

Are you worthy of Allah’s favours?  Are you worthy of sitting next to the Almighty Creator?

Allah SWT won’t want to sit next to you if you are dirty,  high as a kite alcoholic, drugged out of your skull, slutty whore and sinful.  Just like you wouldn’t want a smelly tramp sitting close to you everyday.  Sin stinks.  So have morals.

CLEANSE YOUR SOUL.  REGULARLY. Believe in HIM. Obey HIM. Strive to be close to HIM.

HE chose you from amongst billions, so why won’t you choose HIM too?

NEVER deny HIM or HIS favours upon you. NEVER, EVER doubt HIS the Kafirs who deny HIM because they can’t see HIM. You have never seen air but yet you believe in it!

ALLAH SWT HIMSELF says  WHICH of your Lords favours do YOU deny?’


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