Somali Writers

Nuruddin FarahChristina Cali FarahRagehAyaan Hirsi


Somalia is known as the Land of the Poets.  We have more Poets and Writers than you can shake a stick at!

I know I have left out many worthy Somalian Writers but I just wanted to give a sampler of authors currently on the international circuit. I also wanted Writers who write in an international language i.e. English and Italian.

If you want a flavour of Somalia pre the civil war, I would recommend reading Nuruddin Farah’s  books especially from a crooked rib.

Ayaan Hirsi also writes about her early years growing up in Mogadishu in the first few chapters of her book but be aware the book is

From left to write.  The legend that is Nuruddin Farah, Miss Cristina Ali Farah, (no relation to Nuruddin) Rageeh Omar and Shaytaana herself Miss Ayan Hirsi

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