Hijab why bother?



The top pictures are what I call jilboobies! and Jilbooties!

Instead of wearing the Jilbab to hide their beauty, these girls choose to flaunt it.. Islamic style!!

Boobs and Booties are put on display for all and sundry to see while trying oh, so hard to be a good Muslima!

Sometimes girls make a mockery of the Deen.

The I want to wear my hijab and be a good Muslim but.. I also want to look sexy is becoming more and more prevalent in recent times.

When I see these girls wearing hijabs,  I am stumped. Totally lost for words.

How can you be sexy and wear a hijab?! The dichotomy  of it. The whole idea of wearing the hijab is to conceal your beauty not exhibit what the Almighty has given you.

It’s like a hare krishna who wants to be seen as a hare krishna but doesn’t want to be seen chanting!

How absurd?  why do they bother?

Who exactly are they pleasing by dressing like this?!  Who are they attractive to apart from Satan?

There is a right way and a wrong way to wear the hijab.  There is an etiquette to wearing the hijab.

Girls please be decent or don’t bother wearing a hijab.  You are making a mockery of the hijab and the jilbab.

If you want to be stylish and trendy, (don’t we all?) why not take a leaf from the girl in the picture below?


Until next time my friends…

2 thoughts on “Hijab why bother?

  1. I’ve often asked myself that same question. Why bother wearing the hijab if you don’t understand the etiquette that comes with it? I think for the most part a lot of these young sisters wear it without necessarily understanding the deeper meaning behind the hijab. It is more than a simple piece of cloth covering your head, it is a covenant between you and Allah ‘aza wajal. I think as a community of believers we do a rather poor job of explaining this aspect of the Hijab; which of course leads to all sorts of weird and unsettling trends.

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    1. Well said Geeky Muslimah. I couldn’t have said it better myself! These girls fail to understand the deeper meaning behind the Hijab. It is indeed a covenant between the individual and Allah SWT and it does not need to be trendy or sexy!

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