Best Friends Forever



My friend M is fun.  She is funny  and spontaneous.

She is supportive and loyal.  She and I go back many years.  We met through a mutual friend who used to leave in her neighbourhood back in the day.

She has a big heart.  M has always been there for me.   I feel lucky to have her as a friend.

If we were 12 years old, we would have been best friends.

Some times I refer to her as my best friend.  She is more than a friend. She is like a sister from another mother.

Sometimes when we are preparing to go out and I am running late, she tells me to go ahead and get ready while she picks pulls out the ironing board and irons my clothes. .

I give her the keys to my house when I am away. She opens the windows and airs my home.

She never misses my birthday in the winter.

When she had an operation a few years ago, I was at the hospital every single day. More times than her boyfriend (now husband). When she was discharged from the hospital, I moved her into my house so that she could recover in a quite environment (M used to live in a busy, noisy area).  I was so pleased when she made a speedy recovery and was back to her old self.

M is a great cook and when she makes a particular dish I like, she will save some for me and bring it in over in a Tupperware.

We have good times together.  Whether it’s going out or shopping at the Mall, I know she is honest and will tell me what suits me and what doesn’t.

We probably get on because we have so much in common.  We like the same things. We have the same taste in clothes. And that there is the problem..!

She will see something I am wearing and she will want to know where I bought it from. The next day, she will go and buy it!  Not a similar one but the exact one!.

She will see a bedspread she likes in my house and and will buy the same. Not in a different colour. The same.

I will meet her on a Saturday afternoon for coffee carrying my new tote handbag.  The next time I see her, she will be carrying the same tote. In the same colour.

I wish I could tell her to stop copying me!

A part of me wants to say enough is enough!

I want to say I’m tired of seeing my wardrobe reflected in your wardrobe.

I want to say I’m tired of seeing my lampshades, my dinning table, my chairs my entire house reflected in yours!

I feel like screaming …Don’t you have a mind of your own?! Grow up and find your own style... STOP COPYING ME.. . but I know I couldn’t do that. That would hurt her.

I would not want to lose the best friend I have ever had.

Besides, don’t they say copying is the best form of flattery.

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