It’s Friday!


It’s Friday.  The last Friday of Ramadhan 2016. Hasn’t time flown!

As we bid farewell to Ramadhan until next year I.A,  Here is my prayer.

May Allah SWT bless each and every one of us and our loved ones.

May HE grant us Health, Happiness and Strength.

May HE answer all that we have been praying for.

May HE give us Mercy, Forgiveness and Salvation.

May HE Heal the sick amongst us.

May HE bring Joy where there is sadness.

May he Heal our hearts and minds.

May HE bring Peace to troubled Nations and troubled  people across the Islamic world.

May HE give strength and a cure to our Muslim brothers and sisters who are suffering with addiction.

In a world that has gone crazy, May we continue to have Iman.

May we all live to celebrate the next Ramadhan and many, many more. I. A

Laylat -al-Quadr or The Night of Power 2016 is on 2 July. (and Allah knows best).

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