The Greatest Muslimahs

I don’t know about you but l am fed up of people, who claim that women are treated as inferior in Islam and that Islam does and has always subjugated women.

I was at an engagement party recently and was steated at the top table with my beautiful Bangladeshi friend whose engagement it was.  Whilst we were having dinner, l found myself talking with this girl and her boyfriend. She said she was an ex Muslim. I was shocked for a minute but plastered a smile on my face. I had read about ex Muslims but had never met one!

She had a Muslim name. The topic naturally turned to Islam.  I didn’t want to preach. I am not an Imam! I just wanted to understand what would take a seemingly intelligent person from the light into the dark!

I was sorry l spoke! She argued nonsense after nonsense and blamed Islam for all her misfortunes citing Islam’s treatment of women.

“It’s our cultures that misinterpret the teachings of Islam and mistreats women” l a reasoned when she brought up the issue of women not being allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia.

She continued arguing claiming that she had left Islam because of the way in which women were treated in her country of birth Bangladesh.

Have you read the Quran, l asked?

No. Was her answer.

Now, l have met my fair share of ignorant people but this woman was the most ignorant person l had the misfortune of meeting! After l wasted about 2-3 hours of my life(!) arguing with this kafir, l remembered a Surah from the Quran. Qul ya ayuhal kafiroon…

What this kafir and others didn’t know is that Muslim Women have since time immemorial been held in high esteem in Islamic society.

No one has called women the weaker sex. That is a western concept.

The Muslimah has never been inferior to men. Nor is she superior to men as feminists tend to believe. Sorry ladies you are not superior to men! She is Equal.

The Quran tells her she is equal though different (biologically). Fact.

If the Muslimah believes she is inferior to men, she doesn’t know her faith.  It’s unfortunate that many  ex Muslims believe in this fallacy.

Allah SWT will judge us equally. I won’t go into it here but HE says so in the Quran.

The ‘l am just a woman’, sob sob line we like to take will not be accepted! You will be judged not as a woman or man but as a Human.

Nowadays Western women are so equal to men, they can go out to work and earn a living.

Guess what? In 600AD Khadijah the wife of the Prophet SAW was a very successful Business woman. She was doing so well, she employed many men including the Prophet SAW.

Muslim women were expected to take up their rightful place in society. They went to battle and fought wars. They defended their faith. They fought alongside warrior men.  They were warrior women. Their sex was never an issue.

If Muslim men treated Muslim women as weak and inferior, Col. Ghadaffi of Libya would not have had 100% female Body guards and Security Personnel. He was a Muslim man.

The first person and l mean person, male or female to accept Islam and say the Shahada was a woman.

That woman was the wife of the Prophet SAW. Her name was Khadijah (May Allah be pleased with her). She was the first ever Muslim. There had never been a Muslim person before her.

The first person to fight and die for Islam was female.  A fierce fighter by the name of Sumaya.

Kawlah was another fierce fighter during the time of the Prophet SAW who was much revered and feared in equal measures. Yes Kawlah was also female.

The Prophet’s (SAW) greatest love was a woman. No not one of his wives. His only

daughter Fatimah.

khansah went down in history as someone who made the greatest sacrifice for Islam. She was a woman.

Finally, Let’s also not forget the greatest Islamic Scholar that ever lived.  Aisha the wife of the Prophet SAW. Most of what we know about the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW is because of Aisha. Aisha lived to a ripe old age and narrated the Sunnah and most of what we now know as  the Hadith.

May Allah SWT be pleased with Aisha and all the other formidable women who fought for Islam.


9 thoughts on “The Greatest Muslimahs

  1. Sister you shouldn’t waste your time on these kinds of individuals. I have a very simple rule when it comes to interactions of this nature. I allow ONE query from the individual in question, if it sounds genuine or proposes an interesting angle, I’ll respond and allow a SECOND question. However, the moment we enter the same old territory of blaming Islam of the usual nonsense, I always give them the same answer: “I’m sorry, but it seems you’re mistaking me for someone who actually cares about irrelevant opinions. Because I don’t” and I keep it moving. I can honestly say that it has been years since I’ve had the misfortune of dealing with these folks. He who Allah misguides, none can guide them aright. Other then giving you a headache and spiking your blood pressure, there is nothing to be gained by talking with them and giving them the opportunity to spew their vitriol.

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  2. You are so right sister. I really should learn not to respond to such people. It is just horrible when the person is an ex believer and they start attacking Islam. It’s worse than explaining to the Atheist -at least they genuinely don’t have a clue! I will take on board your suggestion to allow one query at first. Many thanks and Allah’s blessing xx

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  3. Thank you for your correct Biblical presentation. I thank God that there are still real ‘Adams’ left in God’s church who understand that God made mankind to reflect the relationship model of the Godhead. There is a clear hierarchy of authority in Heaven – in the Godhead and also for the angels. If I were to be counted worthy of citizenship in Heaven, I would be happy to fill the least position. I can’t even express how heartsick I was to read Ty’s presentation on his website, as well as the video of David Asserick (sp). I held these two men in such high esteem. I realize now that I made a God of them in a way and I have wept bitterly about their apparent position of ‘adultery’ to Christ. They no longer accept a clear ‘thus saith the Lord’ from His inspired scriptures. They have compromised their faith and sided with Satan’s views of rebellion against God. I can no longer trust or support their ministries. Just what type of literature are they shipping all around the world? Is their literature truly reflective of God’s remnant church beliefs? I am so depressed about what is happening in the supposed remnant church. How did all of these false doctrines get a footing in the church? I can see false doctrines being introduced, but how is it that the leadership has NOT rooted it out as soon as it becomes apparent? The sabbath school lessons quarterlies are tainted with heresy to the beliefs, pastors are being instructed in the SDA seminaries with doctrines of the satan. The laity must awake out of slumber and organize something so the various divisions, unions, conferences and GC are made aware of our righteous indignation against all of the apostasy currently being allowed in God’s remnant church by their lack of righteous leadership. Stand up people! We will be counted as guilty as they if we don’t. We must defend God’s Word and the precious doctrines given to the Adventist movement. We have been honored with God’s TRUTH and must defend it at all cost and carry out His commission. We have become Israel all over again. How can we be blessed by God to complete His work if the rampant apostasy isn’t excised? We have the privilege of giving God’s end time message and we were given the spirit of prophecy! God will have no choice but to spew us out and raise up a remnant from stones.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. There are many people today who like you, are disillusioned with their Pastors and the spread of false doctrines. My belief is that our relationship with the Almighty Creator is a very personal one and should be on a one to one basis.

      The Pastor is not the ‘link’ between you and your Creator.i.e you don’t need a Pastor to pray for you, or ask anything on your behalf as so many believe. You can pray to the Almighty yourself. If you are unhappy and are accusing your church of apostasy and Satanism , then the easier option may be to change to another church. Good luck with your decision.

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  4. Even though you stumbled across her by chance, I love the way you write the entire ordeal and convey it to us, beautifully written sis. I love the way you fight and argue for us who cover in public, we know we are free and liberated whilst others judge us according to our appearance. Alhamdulillah for Islam and the deen we have, without it I would be nothing and even suffocated. Alhamdulillah.

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  5. There’s a hadith where the prophet pbuh said “whomever Allah wills for good, Allah makes him understand the Deen.”
    What we learn from this hadith is that learning the Deen is not everything, you could know so many books but if you don’t understand them, they are of no good.
    This is the problem with our generation. We study and study but don’t take the time to understand it. Thus, beginning to point out faults in Islam when the problem is really US. May Allah give us a good understanding of our deen Ameen.

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