Pray for a Husband!

This Eid whilst driving to the Masjid, I look upward and smiled to myself.

‘Do you know l prayed for you?’ l say to JG.

‘Aw, thanks darling’. He says. One hand on the steering wheel and patting me briefly on the shoulder with the other.  ‘Thanks for remembering me in your prayers’.

‘l didn’t pray for you!’ I say almost defensively. ‘I didn’t remember you in my prayers!’

‘What?’  ‘You just said’…He looks at me quizzically. ‘I don’t get it.’

‘Well, l prayed  but not for you. I prayed to find you’.

He looks more confused than ever.

‘l asked Allah for you’.

‘Oh really?’ He smiles. ‘That’s nice.’

I know he doesn’t believe me.

It was almost two and half years ago now. On Eid day. I remember it as though it was yesterday.

I usually went to the Masjid with my friends as most of my family live some distant away from me.  My young sister, whom l usually spend Eid with, had got married and emigrated to the U.S. a few months earlier.

My closest friend was in Malaysia visiting family.

And so, I found myself alone. On Eid day.

Sure, l have other friends but  they are not Muslim.  Eid means nothing to them.  Not as it does to my Muslim friends. Besides, I can’t ask my non Muslim friends to go to the Mosque with me.  On Eid, l needed my Muslimahs around me!

Not one to miss my Eid prayers,  l showered, did my  ablutions, got dressed and went to the Masjid on my own.

Everywhere l looked there were couples, families, some with children some without. I had never noticed how family oriented Eid was before then.

How odd must l have look walking to the Masjid on my own!

Thankfully as Muslims, we are encouraged to avert our gaze from the opposite sex so no men stared at me.

Most of the Sisters were happy to say their salaams to and wish me Eid Mubarak.

Never the less.  I was alone.  I felt alone. Not one person to go to the Masjid with.  I was Billy no mates!

As l walked to the Masjid, l acknowledged that l was not walking alone.  Surely, Angels walk with someone who walks to the Mosque?

With a sincere heart, I asked Allah SWT for a man of my own.  Just like the Sisters going to the Masjid with their husbands. Not just someone, but someone who would go to the Masjid with me. This was very important.

I went further, describing how l wanted this particular man to look and what type of character l wanted him to posses.

Walking back from Prayers, I encountered the same happy people walking – couples and groups.  I said the same Prayer again.

Some 9 or 10 Months later, l met JG and we got married.

Now, this may have been a coincidence some cynics and non believers might say but why l know Allah answered my prayer, is that JG looks exactly how l wanted him to look! How I described him.  His character is exactly  what l had prayed for! Two and a half years earlier. How is that possible?

Just between you and I, had l known now that my prayers would be answered and l would get exactly who l wanted, l would have asked for more of his good traits and less of the bad! Lol!!

I know Allah listens. I know he answers my prayers. He listens to you and to everyone. As long as you have strong faith in him.






5 thoughts on “Pray for a Husband!

  1. Thanks so much for your comment and prayer! I really do hope the post will be an inspiration for others wishing to settle down. Jazzakalah. May Allah SWT answer your prayers too. Love & Blessings xx


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