The shocking moment a Muslimah is forced to undress on the beach.    

Show us your bits..

This is the shocking moment a Muslimah is confronted by French Police, humiliated in front of onlookers  and  forced to undress. This Muslimah wasn’t wearing a Nikab, a Jilbab or a full Hijab.  She was dressed appropriately and modestly for the beach. All she wanted to do was find a nice quiet spot to sit … More Show us your bits..

10 Facts about Me

10 Facts about Me The gorgeous Geeky Muslimah has kindly nominated me for a Liebster award.  Check out her questions below.  While I take a bit of time to read the rules of the award, Here goes! Out of all the countries you have visited, which one did you like the most? I have been … More 10 Facts about Me

I made a Dua…

Let’s go back in time.  Let us all try and jog our collective memories. Let’s go back a few years back, maybe  5 years or so ago.  Was there something that was bothering you? Something you couldn’t handled on you own? A problem so big you needed a miracle. Perhaps it was your exams, a … More I made a Dua…

Burkini vs Bikini

I am about to offend you. I am about to share a pornographic picture with you. I am about to share a picture that is so repugnant and obscene that I need your forgiveness first. Once you see it, you will not be able to ‘unsee’ it so I do sincerely apologise to each and … More Burkini vs Bikini

On Eduction

Michelle Obama recently attended her daughters graduation. What struck me the most was the wording on this young Muslimah’s cap.  ‘A father gives his child nothing better than Education’. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) The Prophet (SAW) was unlettered and yet he saw the value in education.