Psst, Have you heard?..




Do you know someone with bad luck?

Someone you look at and go ‘poor so and so he/she is unlucky’.

Everything  this person does goes wrong.

S/He scratches his  heads  but is left baffled as S/He has absolutely no idea why things keep going wrong.

The more things go wrong for them the more frustrated they become, the more frustrated they become, the more things go wrong.  Leaving them trapped in a life long vicious circle of continuous bad luck.

Why is it that some people attract ‘Bad Press?’.  Not in the latest gossip article written about a celebrity by a rag mag  sort of way.  By bad press I mean Just plain ol’ bad luck.

I worked with someone who always complained about his bad luck.

Graeme  is the funniest guy and had us all in stitches with his stories and jokes usually at the expense of others! He was constantly complaining about his bad luck. with work, with his pay grade, with women, with the boss. He even said ‘if it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all!‘.   Of course I laughed at this but there is a serious side to it all.

When everywhere you look, you are shadowed by negativity and bad luck, it’s time to self access. It’s time to be honest and question yourself.  Time to ask yourself what you have done to cause it?

Or as Michael Jackson said it’s time to  ‘Start with the man (woman) in the mirror and ask him/her to mend his/her ways’. 

In other words for things to go right in your life, you have to be in a peaceful zen place. Because, what you do to other people you are indirectly doing to yourself.

If you constantly complain, you will find people who will reciprocate and tell you their complaints!  Misery loves company.

You may enjoy being nasty about someone. But guess what? Much of the negativity that you find in your life is caused by that bit of nastiness. Not directly so that you will notice, but indirectly.

Worse than that, if you spew out a lot of hate and negativity into the world then you are also spewing that hate and negativity back into yourself.  Remember that.

Why are Muslims forbidden from gossip?

Aisha (RA), wife of the Prophet is said to have talked about someone.  I’m not quoting word for word as I don’t remember the Hadith.   She was told to spit out immediately by the Prophet (SAW) who was with her at the time and a lump of flesh fell out of her mouth.

You cannot set out to hurt someone else without, in some way, hurting yourself in the process too.

Anything bad you do, inevitably comes back to you.

The more negativity you apportion the worse you will feel in your everyday life. It’s sunnat Allah.  You are hurting yourself but you actually think you are hurting someone else.

Yet we all tend to adapt and reciprocate on slander and character assassination of anyone and everyone! It’s human nature.

The more problems you create, the more problems will find you.

If you are suffering from depression right now  (without a medical cause), and feel a sadness from nowhere in particular.  It could be because you have dished out too much negativity  and caused hurt to others which in turn refocused and brought on the negative things that are happening in your life.

So, in a nutshell, what you give is what you get. Be a good person (not a doormat!) but good and you will always be lucky.


2 thoughts on “Psst, Have you heard?..

  1. From my experience, people disregard my complaints of bad luck, until I start listing a lifetime of problems beyond my control. Then they just kind of shut up, not knowing whether to be amazed how well I handled those situations, or afraid of how well I handled those situations.

    Flip a coin a million times, it could come up heads every single time. It’s unlikely, but still possible. Bad luck happens, sometimes it happens constantly.

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  2. Hi Louis, thanks for you comment. Yes bad luck happens. No denying that. However, we are usually the cause of our own (bad) luck. If we dwell in evil, the negative and seek out to harm others, (not suggesting that you have) then ultimately bad luck will follow us. Think of it as a boomerang. You throw it out there it might scathe or even hurt someone but it will come back to you. I’m sorry to hear that you have had a life long of problems. But it is not beyond your control. It is very much in your control and l guarantee you can change your luck.


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