10 Facts about Me

10 Facts about Me

The gorgeous Geeky Muslimah has kindly nominated me for a Liebster award.  Check out her questions below.  While I take a bit of time to read the rules of the award, Here goes!

  1. Out of all the countries you have visited, which one did you like the most?

I have been lucky enough to visit so many countries that it’s hard to choose just one!

Here are just a few countries I enjoyed visiting. In no particular order, I love Kenya especially Mombasa and the wild care-free life,  Peru (South America), Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Botswana, Johannesburg (South Africa), Sydney (Australia), Italy, Belgium especially Brugge (the chocolate was amazing!), France (nice country shame about the people! smile!),  Zanzibar, U.A.E especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi,  Scotland, the Highlands, Wales, Toronto Canada, New York (can I say NY even though it’s not a country?).

  1. What is the most extreme thing you have ever done?

I climbed the Azure, which is a huge rock in the Mediterranean sea in Gozo, Malta.  It was a frightfully  windy day and I stood close to the edge taking selfies!  Stupid I know!  Especially after we were informed that tourists had died on that very spot after being blown away into the sea below.

If you can take someone with you in your travels, who would it be?

My mum.  On condition she can keep up with my pace, agree to my schedule and doesn’t complain! However, it’s usually  JG who adheres to all three!

  1. Bike or Train?

Train.  With a bike I would have to do the leg work literally!  Whereas on a train I can sit back , admire the landscape or  read.

  1. What/Who inspires you to travel this world?

I am a nomad!  It’s in my blood.

What is the best memory that you have while traveling?

One of my best memories was going on holiday with my parents as a child and seeing the sea for the very first time.  I was so in awe …and I still am to this day.

Being by the sea brings out my spiritual side. I realise how small I am in the eyes of the Almighty who created this vast expanse of water in front of me.  How tiny and insignificant me and my problems are.  Being by the sea really puts everything into perspective for me.

  1. If you could give someone $1,000,000 who would you give it to?

I know there are so many worthy causes but I would donate the money to an orphanage.

  1. Apple or Samsung?

Apple anytime!  It’s more user friendly and you don’t get the spam you would with other devices.  Having said that I couldn’t live without my Blackberry and Samsung S5.

  1. What is the scariest thing you have experienced while travelling?

When I was in Sri Lanka and got carried away sight seeing that I  missed my coach back to  town!  I was stuck in the middle of nowhere, at night time, pitch black and no-one spoke English!  The only sound I could hear was insect noises!  Luckily it’s fairly safe and I was able to get a (registered) cab back to the hotel.

  1. Name the top 3 most beautiful beaches you have visited:

I would have to say Barbados. Actually I would say any unspoilt beach where I can wear whatever I want!

  1. How did traveling change your life?

Travelling broadens my  mind.  I can honestly say, that Everywhere I have been to, has had a positive impact on me.  I am constantly learning something new.  I have learned that we are global citizens. Take away our languages, appearances and customs, we are all one race trying to survive and understand the world around us.   We are all the same, we have the same wants, needs, hopes and aspirations.

I still have many places I would love to see and Allah willing I will.

Thanks very much Geeky Muslim!

Love and Blessings xx


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