Show us your bits..

This is the shocking moment a Muslimah is confronted by French Police, humiliated in front of onlookers  and  forced to undress.

This Muslimah wasn’t wearing a Nikab, a Jilbab or a full Hijab.  She was dressed appropriately and modestly for the beach.

All she wanted to do was find a nice quiet spot to sit and sunbathe.

Four burly Police men surrounded her, took down her details, presumably in case she commits the same ‘crime’ again and was given an on the spot fine.

Her offence? She was covered. In a long sleeved shirt and leggings.

No, this is not a one off, it’s a new law in France. Thou shall expose thyself!

Human Rights Group where are you?!

Feminists – You burned your bras in support of the mini-skirt, abortion. the pill and the rights of women.  Aren’t these Muslimahs women?

Gender Equality Groups – Why aren’t you beating your chests and coming out in support of these women?

Like this poor French Muslimah said, ‘soon they will make it a crime for us to walk on the streets’.



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