Avoiding the trap.

imageIt’s not necessarily true because the newspapers said so.

T he different newspapers are all owned by one or two individuals anyway.

It’s not necessarily true because you saw it on TV.

You don’t have to do it because everyone else is.

You don’t have to wear it because ‘they’ said you should.

Don’t let the media take control of your mind.

Dont let the media dictate to you.

Break the shackles of mental slavery.

Think for yourself.

It’s not necessarily true that you are fat/ ugly/stupid or any hurtful name someone called you once. Even if it was your parent or someone you love. It’s there opinion.

Just an opinion.

Set your mind free.

Don’t be conditioned into one way of thinking.

Come to your own conclusion. You are intelligent people.

You are people not sheeple.

Get out of the mind trap.

Avoid  the Trap that has been set for you…the trap of thinking.

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