Did you know this about the Prophet SAW?

This is what the Almighty Creator says about the Prophet SAW.

Among you is a Messenger who is distressed by your difficulties. He is anxious for your welfare, and is generous towards the believers. (Qur’an 9:128)

And Muhammad (S) is the bearer of glad tidings and mercy as well as a warner. And have We not sent you as a mercy unto the worlds? (Qur’an 21:107)

And have We not sent you but as a bearer of glad tidings and a warner unto all mankind ? (Qur’an 34:28)

Yet this is what the they did to him. (Excuse the grammar it’s a direct translation from Arabic to English).



Tortured, pelted with stones everywhere he walked, insulted on the streets and humiliated, his tormentors (including members of his own family) laughed at his loss, rejoiced and celebrated when his only son died in infancy.

The Prophet SAW had one wish for them… That they bow down and submit to the Almighty Creator so that they can be saved from hell fire and eternal damnation.

Allah SWT acknowledges the Prophets kind heart towards his tormentors and those who vilified him.

With Allah’s grace, you behaved with them with a kind heart. For if you were vengeful or hard hearted, they may have abandoned you. (Qur’an 3:159)


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