Know your Health and Safety!

Do you know your Health and Safety?!

You know the first thing to do when you go into any building is to look for the Fire Exit right?

To familiarise yourself with the fire exit and find the quickest way to get there.

You probably have several fire drills to prepare you in case of a real fire.

You might even get into trouble if you don’t  go outside when the fire drill rings.

It’s important this fire exist business!  Your life depends on it.

You don’t want to be defiant and ignore the Fire drill?  Why that would be just plain stupid!

You don’t want to die in ignorance!


Know your Spiritual Health and Safety.

Prepare yourself so that you don’t get caught up in the fire.

The largest and hottest volcanic bonfire that will EVER be witnessed.  A fire whose firewood will be man and women.   The fire of Hell.

Turn to  Allah SWT.  Associate NO PARTNERS with HIM.

HE has no Mother!  No Father! No son! No daughter! No relatives! No wife!  Never has. Never will.

Do not try to make HIM into a human being!  Like you and I.

High, Mighty, Majestic and Exalted is HE.  Do not ask the whys and whatfors!

HE is now as HE was at the beginning and as HE will always be.

Believe without seeing. Just as you believe in the fresh air you breath even though you can’t see it.


I pray that our deen protects us and leads us away from the Hell fire.

Have a blessed Friday.

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