Amina’s story

This is Amina’s story.  She leans back on the sofa and wipes her hands over her face after the  Asr prayers. Amina is my cousin’s older step sister, same dad different mums.  She was in the neighbourhood and decided to drop by.  She has brought her friend Salimah with her. ‘I was new in this … More Amina’s story

Yummy Mummy

Some words irk me. They really do. Do you find words are especially created to trivialise women? Words like yummy mummy. What on earth is a yummy mummy?! Only a child has the right to call a woman a yummy mummy and only if that woman is the child’s mother and the child is hungry! … More Yummy Mummy

Walking away

  I notice her before she sees me. How could I miss her, with her curly reddish hair, Mediterranean olive skin, tight black jeans and matching black top. She stands out from the crowd.  She always stood out. I hear someone calling my name.  I know its her.  I don’t look back. She calls me … More Walking away

Have Belief

A man who was the lone survivor of a terrible shipwreck, Was washed ashore on a tiny uninhabited island. Marooned, afraid and alone, the man cried out to Allah to rescue him from his terrible fate. Unfamiliar with survival tactics, the man went hungry for days and struggled to endure…. Eventually, he was able to … More Have Belief