Have Belief


A man who was the lone survivor of a terrible shipwreck,

Was washed ashore on a tiny uninhabited island.

Marooned, afraid and alone, the man cried out to Allah to rescue him from his terrible fate.

Unfamiliar with survival tactics, the man went hungry for days and struggled to endure….

Eventually, he was able to construct a hut to protect him and his few possessions

Every day the man prayed to Allah for rescue.

For several months, he faithfully scanned the horizon for an answer to his prayer.

One day, after returning from foraging for food, he arrived home and found his little hut burning to the ground.

There was nothing left but ashes and smoke.

Allah, why? Why?! He cried .

Broken and despaired he cried himself to sleep.

The next day he was awakened by the sound of a ship

it had come to rescue him

He asked the Sailor, ‘How did you know I was here?’

‘As we were heading East, we saw your smoke signal.’ the Sailor replied.

In life there will be hard times, there will be why? moments.  Just remember that Allah has not forsaken you.

If your ‘hut’ burns down, do not despair.  Be patient (Sabr).  Allah  has seen your ‘smoke signal’.  Allah is near.  Nearer to you than your jugular nerve.

HE knows what is better for you and HE knows that which you do not.



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