How old where the Prophets?

It is said that life expectancy has increased. That due to improved eating habits and better health care, we  are living longer than ever before.

A child born in the naughties (2000) can expect to live to a hundred.

100 years ..that’s a very ripe old age.

The poor Victorians  were lucky if they saw 60!

Is it possible that humans can  live up to 100 years?

Believe it or not there was a time when being a centurion was considered young! A hundred years old person, phsh that was just a kid!  😀

That time was a reality. It was the time of the Prophets.

Adam the first man on earth lived for one thousand + years ! Some scholars argue he lived for two thousand years. Let that sink in for a minute. A man living for two thousand years!

Adam was a human being like you and I.  Physically he would have been like us as in one head, two arms, a stomach, a pair of kidneys etc. Yet he lived for more than 1000  +years.

Let’s  take a journey back in time and see how long our Holy Prophets lived.

Adam (AS) lived for 1000 years.

Nooh AS (Noah)  lived for 950 years

Shoaib (AS) Jethrow lived for 882

Saleh (AS) lived for 586

Zakariya (AS) Zachariah lived for 207

Ibrahim (AS) (Abraham) lived for  195

Sulayman (AS) Solomon lived for- 150

Ismail (AS) Ishmael lived for- 137

Yakoob (AS) Jacob lived for 129

Musa (AS) (Moses) lived for  125

Ishaq (AS) (Isaac) lived for 120

Haroon (AS) (Aaron) lived for 119

Yusuf (AS) (Joseph) lived for 110

Issa (AS) (Jesus) -lived for 35-40

Nabi Muhammad (SAW) lived for 63



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