Yummy Mummy


Some words irk me. They really do.

Do you find words are especially created to trivialise women?

Words like yummy mummy.

What on earth is a yummy mummy?!

Only a child has the right to call a woman a yummy mummy and only if that woman is the child’s mother and the child is hungry!

There are shops now that sell ‘yummy mummy’ clothes, there are ‘yummy mummy and baby classes’.

The word yummy mummy has become so commonplace that some women refer to themselves as  yummy mummies!  They actually say it with pride. Like a badge of honour.

I am a yummy mummy!’

‘I look like a yummy mummy!’ puleez!!

Do you hear the word yummy daddy? Of course not.

To call yourself a yummy mummy is to devalue and degrade yourself.

To call a woman yummy mummy is to trivialise her role as a mother.

 It’s to draw away from her being a nurturing human being and focus on her sexuality.

It’s like a woman has to be put into categories. She is either a vixen, sex bomb, yummy mummy  or countless made up useless names to describe women.

Mothers are doing the best they can to look after their children. They don’t need tags.

Being a mother is a thankless, full time job. With all the time dedicated to raising their young, mothers I know have no time to look in the mirror let alone wear make up, high heels or go to the gym. They are more slummy mummy and they wouldn’t have it any other way.  In fact majority of them live in trainers, comfy tracks and may smell of sick but that is fine.

Thank Allah therefore for Islam because it takes a more superior stance and gives women an equal standing.

Only Islam can elevates women and liberate them from being viewed as objects including being referred to as ‘yummy’.

You don’t have to please any one. You can dress down if you want, you can glam up if you want.  Unless he is your husband, what a man thinks of you is none of your business.  You shouldn’t even give men a chance to scrutinise your body or dress.

You are not yummy anything. You don’t have to conform.  All you have to do is be yourself.

2 thoughts on “Yummy Mummy

  1. The amount of hyper sexualization and fetishization women are subjected to is absolutely disgusting. I find it that more disheartening when I hear women gladly refer to themselves by these same epithets. Not so long I heard the term “Dad bod” which is basically the male version of a yummy mommy. Like you said Alhamdulillah for Islam which liberates us all from such debasement.

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    1. Thanks Sister. I couldn’t agree more. It is disparaging. These monikers perpetuate the idea that women are inferior sexual being. By accepting and using these degrading names, women are saying hey, we are inferior, we are just sex toys! Like the Rappers who call their girlfriends B*** and Whores. Then you hear the girlfriend saying I’m his B****!

      Alhamdulillah Islam teaches us that we are not sex objects. We are here as fellow humans and we are to be accorded respect and dignity. Love and Allah’s Blessings xx

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