Ending World Poverty

I attended the Annual International Monatery Fund (IMF ) Summit in Washington two months ago (October 2006). I’m not just a Muslimah blogger! 😀

I was humbled by their theme which is to eradicate world poverty in xx number of years.  It is a tall order but it’s not impossible to achieve.

I hope we will be able to see the end world poverty in our life time. In sha Allah.

Whilst there, l had a kindness of a stranger moment.

l had a document on a memory stick l urgently wanted to print. The printer broke down and l had a presentation in 10 minutes! In a panic, I sprinted down the long corridor of offices but no one seemed to be around!

At the far distance l could see a man. I ran towards him almost knocking him down. ‘Do you where l can get a printer?’ I asked desperately.

Yes he did. He took me to his office and asked his Personal Assistant to print my document for me.  He was a Muslim brother from Saudi. May Allah reward him for his kindness.

I would like to share with you just some of the pictures l took.



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