Put a ring on it!

Some men will happily date you for years without ever having any intentions of marrying you.


There is the saying, popular with men, (there is a surprise!) ‘why buy a cow when you can get the milk for free?!’

We can’t entirely blame men when it’s us girls who are giving away the milk for free.

Thinking they are being progressive, some girls try to emulate men. “If it’s OK for a man to behave that way, it’s ok for me too”.

And so instead of raising men up to our (feminine) standards, these girls sink down to mens standards. (Sorry Guys!).

Girls these days are cheaper than prostitutes.  No wonder no man wants to marry in a hurry.

Look at girls on the streets on a night out and you will see them dressed like hookers. It is difficult to tell the hookers from the ordinary girls. Subhanallah.

Having lost control of their senses and all self respect, they stare blankly with eyes glazed.

Throwing up on the side walks after consuming copious amounts of alcohol has become the norm.  Pathetic drunk girls being lead away  into the night by strange predatory  men.

These girls have lost all sense of pride and dignity.

Don’t try  being a ‘modern’ woman by asking  a man to marry you.  Instead give him a reason to propose.  Show him why he needs you.

Men like the chase. If he finds you too easy, he will let go just as easily.

If you keep asking him to marry you, he will run in the opposite direction. He will see you as desperate and clingy. Men hate clingy women.

My husband JG went out with his ex-girlfriend for years claiming to be ‘not the marrying kind’ yet when he met me, we got married within months of meeting each other.

So don’t think you need to date him for years before he pops the question.

Don’t give up on that bad boy either. He might not have met Miss Right (you) yet.

Just know that if he is not talking about the future with you, making plans, then you won’t feature in his future.

If he is taking too long to ask that important question, or is hesitant and has doubts, he is only wasting your time. Move on. He won’t marry you.

You  want someone to complete your deen not waste your time.

If he doesn’t put a ring on it, do yourself a favour,  kick him to the curb.


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