When Allah Swears

The kaffir set fire to the Masjid. The fire rages over night, engulfs the Masjid in flames and burns the Masjid down to the ground.

Everything is destroyed. Bricks and mortar,  doors, Windows, cupboards, The reference books, Masjid records, children’s books, prayer mats, lampshades, chandeliers are all destroyed.

Every single thing is destroyed.

Everything that is except the Quran.



Allah SWT swears on the Quran.

Allah, Mighty and Exalted is HE swears to us that the Quran is HIS word which he has sent down to us as a guidance.

Can you imagine Allah SWT not only telling us something but actually swearing by it?!

Allah SWT is Swearing to us! You and I.  That the Quran has been sent down from HIM to us.

Swearing to us mere mortals whom HE has created from moulded clay. How Rahman, How Raheem is your Lord?

If you are in a position of authority, have your own company or have hired help, cleaners and a cook at home, wouldn’t you expect them to do exactly as you say?

Would you need to keep reminding them or swear to them that what you were saying was true? Of course not, if l am paying you, you better do what l tell you or else!

This is an extremely poor analogy but it’s the only one l can think of to show some semblance of comparison. Multiply this by a billion and you might be closer to a comparison.

You created that employee, you gave him/her life, you feed and cloth etc. Not only that employee but his/her family too. Would you expect anything except total loyalty and devotion?  So why do some doubt the word of Allah?

Who amongst us is so dumb as to doubt the word of the Almighty Creator?  To question HIM?    Especially when HE swears by something?

We MUST listen and take heed.

So, below is what Allah SWT tells us about the Quran.

l  SWEAR by the Position of the stars

A MIGHTY OATH if you only knew, that this truly a Noble Quran

In a Protected Record, which none can touch save the PURIFIED

Sent down from the Lord of All beings

How can YOU scorn this statement?





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