Back to the future.




l have had more than a few inexplicable things happenings in my life.  Some of which l will share with you one day in sha Allah.

Today, l wonder  whether we humans have been here on earth in a previous life. Do we live multiple lives right here on earth?

I say this because l have ‘flash backs’ of situations that are yet to occur.

l’m not a psychic, l cannot predict the future.  I am and have always been healthy Alhamdullilah.  I am also sound of mind and body Alhamdullilah.  What l do is see things as though they habe happened previously. I have a memory bank of things before they happen.

For example my colleague will be introducing me to Mr.  E a new client.  I will however have seen that exact situation played out somewhere in my mind, including what colour tie Mr E is wearing long before the introduction.  So when l’m meeting Mr E, for the first time, it will seem as though we had already met. It can seem spooky at times!

Like when  l went to the Birmingham arena for the first time ever yet had an errie feeling l had been there before.  Not only did l know where everything was, l was actually giving people  directions!  To the cloakrooms, to everywhere.

Accurate directions l later found out when one of the girls in my group whom l had earlier given directions to, looked at me and asked suspiciously.

‘I thought you said you hadn’t been here before?’!

‘No. l haven’t’.  I replied

Not only had l not been to the Birmingham arena, l had never even been to Birmingham!

I had never seen a map of the arena nor had l seen any pictures of it.  Just a sense that l had been there. Some how.

l don’t really believe in us having had a previous life here on earth before this life. Yet l can’t explain the sense of deja vu which l have from time to time and which l continue to have.

I once read about a four year old boy in Palestine who described a village and his previous family life in Wales.  The child had never been to Wales. It later transpired that the village existed so did the family members just as he had described them.

Or the time when l was young and l kept describing this big White coloured house to my mother.

“It’s a double storey house” I would say. The house has x number of rooms and x number of toilets. There is a jasmine tree to the front of the house.  On the left hand side.  It has flowers …Blah, blah, blah

“Who lives in this house?” My mother asked.

“We do”. I replied excitedly.

“How can we live in two places?”  She said irritatedly. “We live here. In this house”

My mother looked at me as though she was about to call the Sheikh for l’m sure she thought there was something wrong with me.  l must have seemed a few fillings short of a sandwich.

“It has a garden. I continued.  “Much bigger than our garden”

“Bas! “Enough about this house. I don’t want to hear any more about it. Ever. Do you hear me?”

And she didn’t hear any more about it.  Not that is until many years later when my father bought us a new house. The White coloured House with the jasmine tree in front of the house. To the left.

It had the same number of rooms. It was the same colour. It was the same house! I had been telling her about all those years ago.

Had l lived there in a previous life?!

I hadn’t seen any pictures of the house.  l was too young to read magazines besides it was a newly built house.  It was also a time before we had the Internet so there was no way l could have seen this property anywhere.

Had l seen it in a dream?  How did l know about this house? How could l know everything about the house? How could l have been so accurate as to know all the minute details of the house?

Over the years l would go on to have many episodes of de Ja vu incidents that are too weird to explain.

The house was bought from the owners and the previous owner of the property was now showing us around.

“There are no inbuilt wardrobes” my mother said to the previous owner as we all walked down the stairs.

“They are at the back of the house”. I said, in a small voice. “By the  downstairs toilet”.

My mother excused herself.  She grabbed my hand, away from everyone and dragged me into one of the empty rooms.  “Do you want people to think you are mad?!”  She whispered Loudly.  “Are you mad?! Because that is what people will think if you keep saying things like that!”

“l won’t say it again. My mother scolded. I don’t want to hear another word about what you see or what you think you sees.  Ever.  Am l clear?”

I nodded.

Sure enough l stopped telling her about what l saw.

We walked out and joined the previous house owner as he finally led us to the back of the house. Yes, there were built in wardrobes! By the downstairs toilet!



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