The Plight of the Children of Yemen

Like any normal person, I find the pleas by Save the children, UNICEF, Oxfam and other charities showing starving, crying children, heart breaking.  The cause is often poverty, natural disasters and famine caused by climate change.  However, when the disaster is caused by man and is wholly preventable, I find it infuriating.

Rich, powerful Saudi with the backing of a coalition of Arab nations and the U.S government has gone to ‘war ‘ with Yemen.  The reason, to try and oust the Houthis of West Yemen and the country’s capital San’a.

What started out as a political movement by the Houthis in 2011 to replace the authoritarian government of President Saleh has turned into a humanitarian disaster with 70% of the Yemeni population now needing aid.

Instead of  providing support to Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East, the Saudi government is hell bent on its destruction, dropping bombs on children like they were sweets.

The Yemenis are sitting ducks while the Saudi government with its powerful weapons point and take aim after aim.

Western governments don’t care about Yemen or any other Muslim country for that matter.  They have always shown controlled disdain for Arab countries in particular  except for the only two things the Arab nations have to offer ; Money and Black gold – Oil.

War will be encouraged as long as there is mega bucks to be made.   Remember the Kuwaiti/ Iraq war? The Iran /Iraq war?

So they turn a blind eye to the suffering of Yemen at the hands of the Saudi government.

The Muslim nations ever dozy and voiceless are afraid to speak up while the atrocities continue under their nose.

The Arab League is no more than a League of beleaguered Arabs!

Recent report coverage of the Saudis rolling out the red carpet and giving a hero’s welcome to Trump  was nauseating to say the least.

The Saudi government pledged spending 100 billion dollars on an arms deal.  Weapons which will no doubt  be used against its ‘enemies’ read Yemen/other Muslim countries. While the real enemy arrived on his own private plane and was being given the VIP treatment by King Salman. Wake up Saudi!


After more than two years of belligerence by the Saudi government, countless number of Yemenis have lost their lives.

Yemen’s Water, Health and Sanitation systems have all collapsed during the two year ‘war’ against the Houthis of west Yemen.

Children are acutely malnourished.

The number of suspected cases of cholera has passed 100,00, according to the World Health Organisation.

Many of those affected are children and since April 2017 more than 850 have died. Subhanallah.

The rate of infection from cholera is still accelerating. The epidemic is killing one person every hour. According to Oxfam, children under 15 account for 46% of cases.

Two years later, there seems no end to the aggression and the suffering of Yemen.  It will takes years for Yemen to rebuilt its infrastructure once the aggression stops whenever that may be.

By then, l fear it may be too late for the innocent children of Yemen who are being massacred by fellow Muslims while the rest of us remain silent.



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