Islam was practised in Africa long before it was practised in the Middle East.

The World According To Deka's Daughter

Stories that History Chose to Forgot.

I call this the stories that history chose to forget.  For indeed there is so much of our rich history that has been omitted from the history books.

Do you know that there were Muslims in the Horn region of Africa before there were Muslims in what are termed as typically Muslim countries like Iraq and Syria?

Do you know that the As Sahaba, the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) lived, married and had children in the Horn of Africa?  Do you know that their descents are still alive?


Do you know that some of the As Sahaba never returned to Mecca and continued to live peacefully in the Horn region? Do you know that many of them died and are buried in the Horn of Africa?

Do you know the As Sahaba (RA) went to Africa not as conquerors or crusaders but…

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