Broken Relationships

They say man makes plans and God laughs (astagfirullah).

So you loved him, for many years. He was your life. You were his everything. You lived for him. Nobody was more important in your life than he was. Nobody. You planned to always be together. You had dreams of spending your lives together, you made promises to each other, you planned about building a future, getting married and growing old together.

Now he is gone! You are hearbroken. You can’t stop thinking about him. You remember everything about him, rose tinted memories of when you first met. You were giddy with love and happiness and couldn’t wait to see him. This was real love.

Image result for heartbreak symbol

You are now in tears. You can’t imagine life withoug him. You are consumed by sadness, denial and self doubt. You blame yourself for everything. Maybe if you had done this or done that he might still be here with you. You will never find another boy like him. There was no-one like him. Your life is over. Why? Why did it have to end? You were so good together. If he comes back, you promise you will change. You will be a better person for him. You will be everything he wants you to be.

Except he will never come back.

Allah Exalted and High is HE had a different plan. Allah had a grander plan for you. HE didn’t want that guy for you. HE sees what you can’t see. HE sees this guy is a good person but not good enough for you. Allah has a different plan for you. A different path which you must follow and this was not it.

Only Allah knows your destiny. That door had to be closed for your own good. Firmly behind you. He was removed from your life. Allah has someone better for you. Someone who has the same aspirations and goals. Someone who will lead you into being a better version of yourself. Someone who suits you better.

So the relationship didn’t work out. It is called a relationship for a reason. It’s a ship that takes you from one relation to another. The real love of your life is on his way. He won’t ever leave. You won’t have to change to be what he wants. He will love you for who and what you are.

It may take time. Wait. Anything worth having is worth waiting for. All you have to do is trust in Allah and be patient. Because you may not see it now, but one day, you will laught at yourself for crying over your ex.

When you finally meet your real love, as you one day will, don’t forget to take a minute to thank Allah.

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