We are so alone.

I will be posting more Islamic content for the new Muslims and reverts who read my blog.

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Some people believe we are being watched by aliens. Some actually claim to have seen these aliens but that’s for another day! Believers know that Allah is ‘there’ for them. Somewhere there but do they know to what extent HE, Exalted and Mightly is HE is there?

Does what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas?! In other words, can we get away with sinful behaviour if nobody is there to witness it?

“In whatever matter you may be engaged

and whatever part of the Quran you are reciting,

whatever work you are doing, WE witness you when you are engaged in it.

Not even the weight of a speck of dust in the earth or sky escapes your Lord, nor anything lesser or greater: It is all written in a clear Record.

But for those who are on Allah’s side there is no fear; nor shall they grieve.

For those who believe and are conscious of Allah, for them there is Good News in this life and in the Hereafter –

There is no changing the promises of Allah – that is truly the supreme triumph.”

(Quran Chapter 10, Verses 61-64)

To know we are being watched should prompt us to behave appropriately.

To strive to always be on our best behaviour.

We don’t need to impress others, we don’t need to be afraid of what our parents, the neighbours or society might think of us if we don’t give two hoots about what Allah (SWT) thinks of us.

  • Aim to have Allah consciousness ( Taqwa) all the time.
  • Remember Allah ALWAYS keeps HIS promises – this is HIS promise.
  • Don’t violate your own soul.
  • Be measure in your thoughts, deeds and actions.
  • All your good actions will be noticed and counted so will all your bad ones.
  • When and if you do sin, ask for forgiveness immediately. Be sincerely repentent . Don’t wait. Allah is All forgiving, the Most Merciful.

Always remeber you are being watched every single second of every single day not by aliens but by a Devine presence. Act accordingly.

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