Understanding Islam, in 8 Simple Steps.

The Changing Face of Indonesian Islam

You must believe in Allah. The ONE AND ONLY Almighty Creator worthy of Worship. He has no partners, he begets not nor is he begotten. HE is not the father of Jesus or Abraham. He has no sons or daughters. He has no parents. He is the awal (HE existed before creation) and the akhir (HE will exist after everything has perished).


You must not worship others besides Allah. No statues, no shrines, no pilgrimes to Holy burial sites, no praying to Fatima the daughter of the Prophet, no photos of dieties, no praying to your ancestors, no worship of holy men, no believing in witch craft, no juju, no black magic, no wearing of lucky charms, no amulets, no voodoo, no gem stones. No harm from any of these can come to you if you believe in Allah.


In the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) the seal of Prophets.

In Moses, Abraham, Jesus, Zachariah, Noah, Solomon and all the other Prophets of Allah.

In Sunnat Allah

In the Quran as the Absolute and Final word of Allah.


In Angels with wings.

In Heaven and Hell.

In Life after death.

In meeting with your Lord.

In Judgement Day

In Punishment and Reward

In Cause and effect/the law of Karma/You will pay for every evil thing you do/You will be rewarded for every good deed no matter how small.

5. SAY

The Shahadah – You can’t be a Muslim if you don’t say the Shahada. La illaha Illa Allah. Muhammadun Rasul Allah.


Pray Salah

Observe Ramadan

Pay zakat

Give Sadaka (Charity)

Hajj – Go if you can afford it

Quran – Obey and follow the scriptures.

If it is not in the Quran – don’t do it is haram.

Follow the Hadith and teaching of the Prophet (SAW). If he did it, you are permitted to do it, if he didn’t do it, stay away from it.


Be Allah conscious at all times.

Have Sabr (patience) and the belief that Everything has been decreed by Allah.

Never lose your Iman no matter what. Be Positive. Allah is in Control.


If the adage your body is a temple was meant for anybody, it was meant for Muslims. Islam forbids you to put toxins in your body or pollute your mind. If it’s harmful to your body and mind, it is haram.

Think only good thoughts.

Don’t cause harm to anyone or any living creature.

Be environmentally Friendly and Treat the earth with respect. If you plant a tree, it is considered sadaka jaria. Every time someone sits under the tree for shade, a bird or an insect gets sustinance from it, counts as Sadaka jaria for you for as long as the tree remains standing.

Live Halal. Live Clean. All Muslims are your brothers and sisters. Be Helpful. Live Simple. Be good to your parents. Be Respectful. Practice Good Manners. Live kindly. Eat Clean. Avoid Toxins. Live Peaceful.

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