Food for the soul…


It’s simple to make with a few basic ingredients.  The secret of its slightly tangy taste is to cover the dough and leave it to ferment and rise overnight.  It’s best eaten piping hot for breakfast although it tastes equally as good cold.

I like mine sprinkled with a light dusting  of sugar and olive oil.  I call it Angela similar to the Ethiopian Enjeera although, the Ethiopian version is eaten as a main meal and is salty rather than sweet.  

it’s also called Lahoh I think and has several different names in Somali.  Unfortunately, the only time I have my lovely Angela for breakfast is when I’m visiting my mum! 

Most morning I’m in a mad frenzied rush I’m lucky if I have a cup of tea!

I would love to make Angela  on the weekend when I have more time but sadly, I don’t know how to!  Mine never comes out or tastes like it does at my mother’s house.  Just as well really because if I knew how to make it, I would be making it every single day and would no doubt put on lots of weight!  


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