Here are your reward points

You and l, l hope have been loyal customers. Let us know take a minute to redeem our heavenly vouchers (and Allah knows best). Here are your reward points ( in sha Allah).   Allahu Akbar La ilaha illallah Anta Subhanaka inni kuntu min–adh–dhalimeen Subhanallahi wa bi hamdhi Subhanallahil’Adheem   ❤️

Put a ring on it!

Some men will happily date you for years without ever having any intentions of marrying you. There is the saying, popular with men, (there is a surprise!) ‘why buy a cow when you can get the milk for free?!’ We can’t entirely blame men when it’s us girls who are giving away the milk for … More Put a ring on it!

Ending World Poverty

I attended the Annual International Monatery Fund (IMF ) Summit in Washington two months ago (October 2006). I’m not just a Muslimah blogger! 😀 I was humbled by their theme which is to eradicate world poverty in xx number of years.  It is a tall order but it’s not impossible to achieve. I hope we … More Ending World Poverty

Amina’s story

This is Amina’s story.  She leans back on the sofa and wipes her hands over her face after the  Asr prayers. Amina is my cousin’s older step sister, same dad different mums.  She was in the neighbourhood and decided to drop by.  She has brought her friend Salimah with her. ‘I was new in this … More Amina’s story