Burkini vs Bikini

I am about to offend you.

I am about to share a pornographic picture with you.

I am about to share a picture that is so repugnant and obscene that I need your forgiveness first.

Once you see it, you will not be able to ‘unsee’ it so I do sincerely apologise to each and everyone of you in advance.

You see, Muslimahs are under so much attack at the moment that they now can’t even have a peaceful dip in the sea to cool their limbs.

It’s Summer everywhere, but Muslimahs can’t sit on the beach with their families and friends.. well, because they are offensive.  They make the beach look dirty.

The Mayor of France finds Muslimahs wearing burkinis to the  beach  highly offensive.  He says the Muslimahs look like a “Sac poubelle” .  Which means “garbage bag”.

The Muslimahs enjoying a day at the beach in their modest burkinis are so offensive that they look like garbage bags littering the beautiful shores of Southern France.

He has just fined 3 modestly dressed Muslimahs for nothing other than wearing their burkinis!  How dare they?!

The fat cat Mayor has gone one step further and has decided to impose a fine on any one who wears a burkini to the beach.  You look too decent so you must pay a fine!!

‘They look  dirty ‘says the Mayor smugly.  They look unhygienic.  Unhygenic!!

He does not want to see modesty. No.  Not on a  French beach!!  Sacre bleu!

He wants to see your jiggly bits!  That’s right.  Your  boobs, your booty and everything besides. He wants you frolicking semi-nude like a  stripper because that is more acceptable to uhm… society.

What does the mayor recommend for women to wear to the beach?  Why a bikini of course!

Look at how uncomfortable the woman in the bikini looks?  How restrictive, how repulsive  every bit of her body is on display and then compare her to the other woman.

The lovely lady  to the left in the full burkini is none other than the famous British Cook and author of cook books, Nigela Lawson.  Nigela is from a Jewish family so it’s not only Muslimah who prefer to wear a burkini to the beach.

I don’t know about you but to me, the burkini looks  a whole lot more hygienic than the bikini.

I said I would offend you.  Please forgive me for sharing this pornographic picture with you.  It is how the Mayor wants to see you on the beaches of France!  Allez!

9 thoughts on “Burkini vs Bikini

  1. Salaam alaikum!
    I really appreciated this post, and how you are putting out such a strong and firm opinion on a subject that is “controversial” these days.
    Just to play devil’s advocate though-I have no problem with bikinis, though I would not wear one myself a woman has every right to if that’s what she wants. What I have a problem with, however, is a government, specifically a bunch of men, telling any woman that she has to cover or uncover. It’s oppression either way if it is not a woman’s choice!
    Anyhow, thank you for the great post!

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    1. Waalaikum Salaam Ashley.

      Thanks for your message and for playing devil’s advocate. I also have no problem with bikinis. What l do have a problem with is women (and families) being turned away from a fun day at the beach and fined for covering up/wearing a Burkina! These women may be Muslims but they are French too. They have every right to be on the beach. I would feel just as strongly if they were Christian or Jews. Freedom of Worship is not a privilege it’s a right. Love and blessings.

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      1. Yes I agree totally, and I find that the issue with France is that if they were Christians or Jews that wanted to cover it wouldn’t be an issue at all!

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        1. Reminds me of some pictures a friend shared online the other day of nuns enjoying themselves on the beach with a caption that said something like “Oh no, ban them! Oh, wait, they aren’t Muslims.” Sad state of things…I don’t know why people (especially governments) can’t just get over themselves and respect everyone equally.

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  2. I know a lot of people are honestly shocked by what is going on in France now as far as the policing of Muslim women’s bodies goes, but there is nothing remotely strange or new about this attitude in France. Although the latest terrorist attacks on French soil are being used to justify this, it is important to reiterate that these attitudes about Muslims being the ultimate outsiders and by essence incompatible with the values of the Republic are part and parcel of the French psyche. The French identity is by essence a supremacist one that continues to glorify its own colonial past, and continues to perceive people or colour in general, and Islam particularly, as something to be rectified via the injection of proper French values.

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    1. Thanks Geeky Muslimah we shouldn’t be shocked by anything France does anymore. The sad thing is there is a huge population of Muslims in France who are constantly being marginalised. The freedom of worship is a not a privilege it’s a right. Stay blessed.

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